Polish Champion, Polish Youth Champion,

Collie Club Youth Winner 2002, Collie Club Winner 2005

Polish Winner 2002




15.08.2001 - 10.04.2015



Poland: 4 x CACIB, 3 x res-CACIB, 13 x CAC, 10 x BOB, 13 x Best Male in Breed,

6 x Junior Winner, 4 x Best Junior in Breed

BIS Junior, 3rd on FCI Group I, 1st on FCI Group I

Lithuania: 1 x CAC, 1 x res-CACIB

Germany: CACIB, res-VDH, res -CAC

    HD - A      CEA, PRA - free

5.08.2014 - SIMBA has finished 13 years, but still loves play with his wooden stick!


Kochany Jubilat w dniu swoich urodzin..... 

Yours Truly of Wizard's Castle "Simba"   Yours Truly of Wizard's Castle "Simba"

 Yours Truly of Wizard's Castle "Simba"   Yours Truly of Wizard's Castle "Simba"


26.08.2007    photo: M.Skrzyszewska

BREEDER: Raymonde Bergmann, Luxembourg (Wizard's Castle)


Nl.Ch. Silvermoor's HIGHLAND CHIEF "Ted"   x   Matai SHEER MAGIC "Magic"

***OFFSPRING:  litter 1    litter 2   litter 3 ***


Shows results and photos



photo:Szymon Janik



08.11.2006    photo: M.Skrzyszewska


Simba” has come to us from Luxembourg.

I was simply charmed by his picture, the pedigree did the rest, and that is how the decision was made, that he had to be with us…


28.03.2006    photo: M.Skrzyszewska


Until the present moment he got the following titles:

28.03.2005    photo: M.Skrzyszewska


Besides that, participating in 28 shows he has got:

28.03.2005    photo: M.Skrzyszewska




More about show result  and additional photos

18.05.2003    photo: J.Bergmann

In the judges' descriptions:

strong, very elegant dog with sound body and very good proportions; excellent head, with tipical male expression; long neck; good front and back; smooth movement; tail properly settled and carried; coat excellent in type and structre.

photo: J.Bergmann


Simba” is a Stud Dog for approved bitches.

Eyes examination results: CEA-free, PRA-free, Cataract- free
Hips examination result: HD-A


Shows results make us happy  (a lot!) but most of all we are delighted because of his character. "Simba" loves everyone and everything.

Since 19.05.2003 "Simba" is beeing accompanied by a tricolour bitch "Aicha" (Aicha of Woizard's Castle FCI). We set our hopes for the future with this couple....


Simba's sisters and brothers


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